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Cappello & Martello
Leather vase head
Leather vase head
Leather vase head
leather vase with aubergine
open leather vase
Leather vase head


Milinciana in Sicilian dialect means aubergine. In our cusine this veggie has a prominent role: it can be found in many dishes such like 'parmigiana', in 'pasta alla norma' or stuffed with other succulent ingredients and obviously, in the famous 'caponata'.

Now our 'Testa di Moro' takes a step forward towards a more graphic experimentation through the sapient use of leather.

Have your plant in the vase ready. Assemble the 2 faces of the leather Testa di Moro with the 2 decorative aubergines by snap buttons and surround the pot as a decorative cover. Or assemble the leather bottom too and Milinciana can be used as a storage bin.



  • Handmade with passion in Hong Kong by Italian hands

  • 100% Italian calf leather

  • Leather inlay technic

  • Decorative aubergine closure and bottom

  • Waxed thread

  • Size: 190 mm x H 315 mm

Available on The Artling​ and Wescover

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