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Leather vase with lemon
Leather vase with lemon
Leather vase with lemons
Leather vase with lemons
Leather vase with lemons


Limiuna is the Sicilian dialect of lemons. Blessed by the Mediterranean sun, there is a big variety of lemons grown on the island and made it an iconic symbol of Sicily. Lemon is one of the key ingredients in Sicilian recipes.


The yellow tones and the archetypal vase shape bring harmony and bright character to this work. The bottom and the two bottles of lemonade carrying the facial features have a double function of closure and depiction of a distinctive accent of the object.

To enjoy Limiuna charm, assemble all the parts by snap buttons transforming it into a multifunctional objet:

- as a storage bin;

- as a vase cover after surrounding any flower pot with it;

- as a decorative piece after placing it on the table or shelf.



  • Handmade with passion in Hong Kong by Italian hands

  • 100% Italian calf leather

  • Leather inlay technique

  • Decorative bottles closure and bottom

  • Size:  160 mm x H 270 mm

  • Custom made size and colours are available upon request

Available on The Artling​ and Wescover

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