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Cappello & Martello
Leather vase head
Leather vase head
Leather vase head
Opened leather vase head
Leather vase head
Leather vase head


Lilybaeum is the old name of the town of Marsala on the west of Sicily. Marsala is known for its wine-making, where one sweet wine was named after its origin called also Marsala. Thanks to the sun and the soil, the grapes from this part of Sicily are heavenly sweet.

To enjoy its magnetic charm, have your plant in the vase ready. Assemble the 2 faces of the leather Testa di Moro with the 2 decorative grapes by snap buttons and surround the pot as a decorative cover. Or assemble the leather bottom too and Lilybaeum can be used as a storage bin.



  • Handmade with passion in Hong Kong by Italian hands

  • 100% Italian Calf Leather

  • Hand painted eyes

  • Decorative grapes closure and leather bottom

  • Waxed thread

  • Size: 150 mm x H 115 mm

Available on The Artling​ and Wescover

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