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Purple & Pewter
  • Purple & Pewter

    A scent of the Mediterranean Sea! Mr. Sardine’ is Cappello & Martello’s first-born accessory. It was inspired by Luca’s favourite dish from his home Sicily, where sardines are part of everyday life from the Mediterranean. Hooking on the bag in its colourful form often brings a cheeky smile to customers and their friends, it’s like a soft sea breeze blowing under the warm sun, delightful and happy.


    Original design and all handmade. Each sardine is made with high quality Italian calf leather and comes in alternate colour combinations in each side matching with unique hand painted eyes, and a leather lanyard to hook tiny object such as key or thumb drive.

    • Mr. Sardine in details

      SIDE A:

      head and tail in purple colour;

      body in pewter colour;

      orange and blue eye.

      SIDE B:

      head and tail in pewter colour;

      body in purple colour;

      gold and blue eye.


      Soft full grain Italian calf leather

      Red waxed thread and gold edge coating

      Length of sardine: 13.4cmLength of sardine with lanyard: 35cmTiny object on the hook max. size: 6.4 x 2.4 cm


      **If you need any bigger size or any colour preference, we can provide MADE TO ORDER service.

      Please inbox us for details.

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