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tuna fish keychain

Mr. Tuna leather keychain - Green with yellow dots


I am Mr. Tuna, the adorable fish-shaped keychain in a stylish green with yellow dots colour combination. Made with the finest Italian calf leather, I am not only a cute accessory but also a practical one. You can easily pull and store your keys inside my body to prevent any scratches, or hook me up as a charm onto your handbag.

Handmade with love, I bring the essence of the Mediterranean Sea to your everyday life. As Herman Melville once said, "It is not down on any map; true places never are." And I am the true place for your keys and style.

    • 100% Italian calf leather
    • Length of tuna: 13.5 cm
    • Length of tuna with lanyard: 33 cm
    • Tiny object on the hook max. size: 8 x 3 cm
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