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leather fish keychain

Mr. Sardine leather keychain - Green & Yellow

HK$450.00 Regular Price
HK$427.50Sale Price

On a sunny breezy day, a fisherman stepped out from his boat with a bunch of sardines lacing up from the tails on his hand. Was it a dream or imagination? This vision enlightened the creativity and we crafted the leather keychain straight away with the use of premium colourful Italian calf leather.


You can pull and store the keys inside the sardine body to prevent any scratches or hook-it-up as a charm onto your handbag too.

    • 100% Italian calf leather
    • Length of sardine: 13.4cm
    • Length of sardine with lanyard: 35cm
    • Tiny object on the hook max. size: 6.4 x 2.4 cm
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