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octopus keychain

Mr. Octopus keychain - Yellow and rose pink

Introducing our Mr. Octopus keychain in a delightful yellow and rose pink color combination. Handmade with 100% Italian leather, this charming keychain adds a playful touch to your daily accessories. Mr. Octopus is a curious wanderer, always on the lookout for new friends and adventures. His cute and friendly demeanor is sure to bring a smile to whoever holds him. You can easily hook him onto your keys or use him as a charm on your handbag, adding a fun and stylish accent to your look. Cities aren't his homes, but with Mr. Octopus by your side, you'll always have a cheerful companion wherever you go.
    • 100% Italian calf leather
    • Length of Mr. Octopus: 14 cm
    • Length of Mr. Octopus with lanyard: 35 cm
    • Tiny object on the hook max. size: 6.5 x 4.5 cm
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