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The cuisine in Sicily takes its flavours from the sea, land and mountains. Its unique blend of tastes reflects different cultures that, over thousands of years, have made Sicily a crossroads between the culinary traditions of the Western and Arab worlds. In the kitchen, all are local produce of exceptional quality - foods that give life to a cuisine that can be simple or complex, rustic or refined.


This collection of key charms is inspired by typical food that you can enjoy on the Sicilian table, such as sardines, octopus, oranges and tuna fish.


Sardines are the main ingredient for a signature pasta with 'sardines left in the sea' or the other delicacy "sarde alla beccafico".


Octopus is in its best performance in the salad or in 'drowned octopus' dish.


Tuna fish...what to say, you can find it anywhere in Sicily.

Each product charm is:

  • Handmade with love

  • 100% Italian Calf Leather

  • Best colour combinations

From the Sicilia table
Sardine's wall.JPG


On a sunny breezy day, a fisherman stepped out from his boat with a bunch of sardines lacing up from the tails on his hand. Was it a dream or imagination? We forgot, but we crafted them live with colourful Italian calf leather, and granted them vision with hand-painted eyes.

You can hook-it-up with key or thumb drive onto your handbag too.

Mr. Sardine
Mr Sardine_edited.jpg
Mr. Sardine


Cities aren't my homes. I'm curious and I wander to find new friends. I'm cute and I make whoever holds me smile.

You can hook-me-up with key or thumb drive onto your handbag too.

Mr. Octopus & Mr. Sardine.JPG
Mr. Octopus


Colourful key-charm. Watch out, his smile is contagious!


I came all the way from the Mediterranean Sea. The location is at about 37.6000° N, 14.0154° E Latitude and Longitude. "It is not down on any map; true places never are.” - Herman Melville, Moby Dick

You can hook-me-up with key or thumb drive onto your handbag too.


Tuna fish
Mr. Tuna
Tuna fish
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