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Text that writes: "Cappello & Martello"


The project develops around the theme of geometry as an analysis tool. Specific geometric shapes as base of study of nature (plants, insects, landscapes and obviously human beings). The rigidity as ‘forma mentis’ is questioned by the use of the leather through craftsmanship that brings to an investigating approach and changeability.


This pen holder is made of six parts that can be assembled through snap buttons and magnets. The final assembled product appears as an object formed by two main elements: a flat irregular trapezium on a frustum. When the trapezium is facing up the object works as a high horizontal penholder and the dotted line prevents the pens from falling off. Flipping it over, the object can be used as a standard vertical penholder and the trapezium becomes an elegant base that gives more stability to the entire object.

Material: 100% Italian calf leather

Trapezium size: L 24.5 x H 18.5

Frustum size: H 11.5 x D 11 cm

Total dimensions: L 24.5 x W 18.5 x H 12 cm

Desk organizer
Pen holder
Pencil holder
Desk organizer
Pen holder parts
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