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Cappello & Martello


Cappello & Martello is founded by Italian product and fashion designer Luca Paglia during his residence in Hong Kong. The brand endeavours to share Luca’s expertise for leather and craftsmanship to Asia. Prior to launching his private brand, Luca worked with several luxury fashion brands in Milan and Hong Kong, including Fendi and Tiffany & Co.

Cappello & Martello workshop

‘Cappello’ means hat, while ‘Martello’ means hammer. These are on Luca's head and in Luca's hand. Research and audacity combining craftsmanship with a creative flair. The inspiration comes from Luca’s passion for his home Sicily: the vibrant colors, the landscape and the joyousness of Sicilian people. Combining these with his experience in Hong Kong such a dynamic city, his works reflect an unique blend of Mediterranean breeze and metropolitan rhythm.   

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